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Boreal Tours is an experienced Montreal, Canada - based tour operator specializing in dynamic travel throughout Canada and the eastern United States.

Our company was first established in 1994 and focused primarily on sightseeing and adventure travel in Quebec. However we quickly saw the tremendous interest in other destinations and activities, so we expanded our mandate and put our energies and years of experience toward a greater variety of horizons. You will learn about our spectacular tours throughout Canada, which only become better with time. Whatever your tastes, interests or preferences, Boreal Tours has the tour for you!

Our Name
We take our name from the Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights, the phenomenon caused by solar particles colliding with gases in the earth’s atmosphere. The effect of this is a glorious light show in the sky, where stunning colours seem to glide, dance and jump around above you. Although best seen at higher latitudes, this natural light show can sometimes be seen from central and southern Canada as well. Like the borealis, Boreal Tours will show you the wonders of the natural world and leave you with memories sure to last a lifetime!

Experience is Everything
At Boreal Tours, our philosophy is simple: we stick to what we know best, and exhaust our energies to make those tours the absolute best they can be. Each one of our tours has been designed by a specialist of the region to ensure that you have the time of your life!

Let us be your partner from exciting beginnings to unforgettable ends. We will go that extra mile for our clients so that they remain our clients. We want more than one-time faces - we want clients who will join our long list of highly satisfied customers that come back to us time and time again to live more adventures with us.

Please remember that we are here to serve you!

Why Boreal Tours?
Want more than experience and reliability? How about a dedication to the highest standards and a love for exploration? How about an enthusiasm for creating memories to last a lifetime? How about a shared passion for the freedom that only traveling can offer? How about a commitment to fun, exhilaration and excellence? This is what you will receive with Boreal Tours, guaranteed. All that is missing is you!

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Boreal Tours

10. Experience - Boreal has more than 20 years experience in the industry - showing we know what we’re doing. We know our strengths and stick with them, giving you nothing but the best!

9. Dedication - Boreal equals quality. We pay special attention to detail so that you can relax and leave everything to us, knowing that you are in good hands.

8. Destinations - With so many destinations to choose from, we will show you the most beautiful and inspiring places in Canada, and allow you to see for yourself why Quebec is “La Belle Province”.

7. Flexibility - Our programs are by no means ‘set in stone’. We would be delighted to adapt a tour to accommodate your needs or preferences - just let us know!

6. Competitive Pricing - We always strive to deliver the best value while never compromising quality.

5. Fast Reply - Our policy is to reply to your inquiries within 48 hours with a price quotation so that you can make your plans as soon as possible.

4. Reliability - Just about the only variable we cannot control is the weather - everything else we can guarantee will run smoothly and to your liking! Participants will be notified of optional activities or extra costs ahead of time, so that there are no ‘surprises’ during the tours.

3. Professional Suppliers  - Though we operate most facets of our tours ourselves, any outside suppliers that we use are professional, reliable and share our demand for high standards. We personally monitor these suppliers to ensure that this is always the case.

2. Guides - We train our guides ourselves to ensure they are knowledgeable, flexible, friendly, and deliver a high quality of service. Since the guide is the person with whom you will have the most contact, we understand that he or she is the one who ultimately makes the tour a success!

1. Safety - Safety is always the bottom line for everyone involved in our tours.


Our Pledge
We take pride in what we do. This pride goes into every detail of every one of the spectacular and unique tours you will discover in these pages. And remember that we can tailor-make a tour for you.
More than guaranteeing the highest level of service, we will always try to seek the most competitive prices. This way you will have even more reason to come back and share a few weeks of your life with us again.

Boreal Tours holds all the necessary Quebec permits.


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